Abri Flex Premium Protective Underwear by Abena (Overnight Incontinence)

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Abri Flex Premium Protective Underwear by Abena
This pull up provides over night protection. It is designed to hold the maximum in urine leakage. Pulls on and off like regular underwear with more elastic than the other leading brands to keep the underwear around the hips where it belongs.
  1. made to fit the smaller sized body
  2. Freedom from leakage
  3. Increased elastic for stay put fit
  4. Smaller sizes for the small body
  5. Overnight protection - maximum security with great comfort
  6. Worn like regular underwear
  7. Odor control

84 Underwear in a case


Small 123.5-35.5"
47.34 fluid oz84/caseAA41071
Small 323.5-35.5"
71.00 fluid oz14/bag or 84/caseAA41072
Medium 131.5-43"
50.72 fluid oz84/caseAA41074
Medium 331.5-43"
74.30 fluid oz14/bag or 84/caseAA41075
Large 139-55"
54.10 fluid oz84/caseAA41077
Large 339-55"
74.30 fluid oz14/bag or 84/caseAA41078
X-Large 151-67"
54.10 fluid oz14/bag or 84/caseAA41079


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