Bladder Control Night Pad by Tena (High Absorbency)

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Hourglass Shaped Pads
 Bladder Control Night Pads by TENA  -
  1. These pads are made for day light to heavy nighttime needs
  2. Designed to be highly absorbent
  3. The pad has an oval shape with elastic to create a snug fit
  4. Shape is designed for greater protection
  5. The contour shape targets absorbency and increases comfort
  6. Provides a secure fit
  7. The wetness indicates the need to check the pad
  8. The adhesive strip maintains a secure placement
  9. Made for bowel protection and extended bladder needs
  10. Shaped like an hour glass for comfort
  11. They are for urine or bowel leakage protection

                    24 pads/bag    or    2bags/case  (case of 48 pads)

Pad Dimensions:   

Length                      27"

Width in the front    10.5"              

Width in the back    11.5"

Width of the crotch  5"


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