Bladder Control TENA pads (Light to Heavy Protection)

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Hourglass Shaped Pads
 Bladder Control Pads by TENA  -  (Light to Heavy Protection)
  1. These pads are for Daytime Light incontinence needs
  2. To Nighttime heavy incontinence protection
  3. The core material is a dry fast dual core
  4. The back-sheet material is cloth like
  5. This is a disposable pad
  6. The core has a quick absorbency for security and keeping skin dry
  7. The cloth like outer cover has less noise creating a greater comfort
  8. The oval contoured shape with elastic hugs the body for increased protection
  9. The pad has a wetness indicator

 Day Light Pad           24/pack  or 144/case           white           62314. no longer available

Day Regular Pad        46/pack or 92/case              blue             62418

Day Plus Pad             40/pack or 80/case              yellow         62618

Night Super Pad        24/pack or 48/case              green           62718



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