Bladder Control Top Liner Booster Pad

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Bladder Control Pad Top Liner  -  Booster Pad

These pads are made to increase the absorption of your diaper or brief thus increasing the capacity helping to prevent leakage - especially at night.  They absorb the urine and allow the excess to flow through to the product below.  They are very absorbent.   May use more than one pad at a time, depending on the need.  Elimination of leakage helps prevent rashes and improves odor control along with comfort and quality of life.
  1. Made for the female or male youth
  2. 2.75x10.5 " in size
  3. 25 booster pads in a bag
  4. 8 bags in a case
  5. No barrier 
  6. It has a very absorbent core
  7. Ultra thin
  8. Should be used with another product
  9. Easily changed

                             25 in a bag / 8 bags in a case (200ct)

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