Carrascent Odor Eliminator

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CarraScent Odor Eliminator

This odor eliminator is for neutralizing odors and leaving a pleasant rain fresh scent.  It is a very effective at eliminating odors by combining with odor molecules.  It will remove the odors that result from tissue necroses, urination, and fecal matter.  It will leave a very pleasant scent.  It is a very popular product.
  1.  Eliminates odors
  2. Leaves a fresh rain scent
  3. Combines with odor molecules
  4. Removes odors from urine, feces, necrotic tissue
  5. Comes in a convenient spray bottle
  6. Can be purchase in multiples or by the case
  7. 8oz spray bottle

                            1-2-3 or 4 bottles  /  12 bottles in a case  (12)

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