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First Quality Prevail Youth Underwear Small/Medium - Large -  X-Large
This Prevail Sleepovers product is very comfortable and very well liked among the young at heart.  It is a favorite for the smaller elementary child.  The average age child using the small/medium pull up is between the ages of 5 to 8 years old.  It is for nocturnal incontinence and provides this age with the comfort of knowing they will not urinate in their beds.   This pull up is designed for moderate to heavy incontinence.   Designed for the small/medium child averaging between 45 to 65 lbs.  The large/x-large size is designed for the youth/child weighing 65-125 lbs.  This pull up is a favorite among children and youth for its soft comfortable quality.
  1. small/med  45 - 65 lbs
  2. Large  65-125 lbs 
  3. X-Large  85-140 lbs
  4. Moderate to Heavy capacity
  5. Designed for small to medium older child or
  6. Comfortable and soft
  7. Keeps the young at heart safe from leakage on their beds or clothing

     Small/Medium       15 Underwear in a bag  /  4 bags in a case  (60ct)

     Large                      12 Underwear in a bag / 4 bags in a case   (48ct)

     X-Large                  22 Underwear in a bag/ 4 bags in a case  (88ct)

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