Reusable Swim Diaper For Children, Teen, and Youth Sizes

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   Pool Pal  Swim-sters    Reusable Swim Diaper   
  •  For Teen, Youth, and children
  • Great diaper covers too - replacing plastic pants

These swim diapers were created to replace the traditional youth diaper when in the water.  It will help maintain the swimming pool to meet the healthy swimming standards.  They are designed to significantly reduce the deadly bacteria the can contaminate a pool from fecal matter.  This design was made to contain solid fecal matter.  It does not absorb or contain liquids.  It will not come apart in the water.  The design is for comfort - fitting discreetly underneath a swimsuit.  This replaces the traditional diapers in water.   They are machine washable and should be hung to dry.  Do not put in the dryer.  This swim diaper can also be used as a diaper cover for regular wear.
  1. Variety of colors  -  PINK   WHITE   BLUE  BLACK
  2. Replaces traditional diapers in the water
  3. Designed to contain solids
  4. Does not absorb liquids
  5. Fits discreetly under a swimsuit
  6. Machine washable  - HANG DRY
  7. Variety of sizes
  8. Designed for snug discreet fit

                           sold in singles or multiples in either Pink, Blue, or White

    X-Small size 6/8     Pink out of stock

    Small  size 8/10    Black out of stock

    Medium  size 10/12.  Black out of stock

    Large  size 14/16   Blue out of stock

    X-Large  size 18/20.  Only black available

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