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A soft, flow-through pad designed to fill to capacity and then pass additional fluid into the primary garment. Easy to change and dispose.  Economically extends the use of any primary garment.
Latex-free.      Adhesive strip has been added

This  liner / pad was created with the thought of providing extra absorption for diapers and pull ups.  The pad allows the urine to flow through the topside and then the back sheet makes the pad absorb the urine with the excess urine passing through to the garment below.  This pad is very easy to change and provides extended use of the diaper or pull up, thus using less products.  This pad also helps eliminate leakage, rashes, and odors thus improving comfort.

Type          Size                                Capacity                       Quantity                    SKU

Pad            12 x 4.25"                      6.7 oz                            25/pk 200/cs             2762  now Tranquility Essential Booster Pad
Pad            11 x 3.25"                      8 oz                               30/pk 180/cs             2770


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