Serenity Incontinence Pad by TENA (Heavy Absorbency)

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Hourglass Shaped Pads
Serenity Incontinence Pads by TENA  (Heavy Absorbency)
    1. This pad is long and made for heavy incontinence protection
    2. The longer length is for added security against leakage
    3. The pad has a soft cloth like outside layer for increased comfort
    4. The inner double pulp layer is designed for increasing the absorption
    5. The side gathers are cushiony with a conforming body fit
    6. The topsheet is soft with  a quick dry design to pull in liquids fast
    7. The adhesive strip is for security to keep the pad in place
    8. The dry fast core with the super absorbent polymer is designed for:
    •  wicking away moister
    • trapping in the liquids
    • preventing leakage
    • controlling the odors

     Serenity Pad          13" in length          56/pack  or  168/case           49400

     Serenity Pad          15" in length          42/pack  or  126/case           47600

     Serenity Pad          16" in length          36/pack  or  108/case           49800

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