So Secure Swim Diaper Teen and Adult sizes

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SO SECURE Reusable Swim Diaper      For Teen and Adults

          These swimsuits are not returnable due to sanitary/health reasons.

These swim diapers are a very designed to be practical, durable, and comfortable.  They are considered the best of the best in swim diapers.  These reusable swim diapers are made to fit adults and or teens dealing with incontinence.  The swim diaper has been made to be worn next to the skin and underneath the regular swim suit.  This swim diaper has been designed to for fecal incontinence.  It contains the fecal matter with a certain amount of protection against urine leakage.  It is recommended to try this swimsuit at home in the bathtub for urine containment before using it in the swimming pool for urine containment.  The swim diaper was made as a swimming pool diaper, but many have used it for a diaper cover due to it's well fitted design. 
  • The fabric is a high tech stretch polyurethane
  • The lining is soft fleece
  • Heavy duty Velcro fasteners hold the swim diaper in place
  • The Velcro closures are adjustable for size
  • Velcro closures open up for ease of dressing and removing
  • Machine washable and hang dry  - do not dry in a machine
  • Worn next to the skin
  • Bowel containment
  • Unisex
  • Always stocked in Navy - other colors available in limited quantity
  • Other colors available in limited quantities
  • Purple-Blue-Green-Black
  • Garment should fit snugly
  • Order size for largest measurement of waist/hips

    How to measure  "RISE"  (crotch depth)   VERY IMPORTANT FOR A GOOD FIT

    To Measure Rise, begin about 1 inch below the belly button, measure down through legs, and up to the position on the back that matches the starting position on the front.  Then, based on the larger of waist/hip measurement, choose the style that comes closest to your own rise measurement. 

    SizeWaist/Hip             Adult Rise            Youth Rise
    X-Small22" - 24"                  27.5"                        25"
    Small25" - 28"                  28.25"                      25.75"
    Medium29" - 32"                  29"                           26.5"
    Large33"-36"                    30"                           27.5"
    X-Large37"-40"                    31"                           28.5"
    2XL41"-44"                    32.5"                          NA
    3XL45"-48"                    34"                             NA
    4XL49"-52"                    35.5"                          NA
    5XL53"-58"                    36.5"                          NA


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