TENA Classic Washcloth  (Disposable)

TENA Classic Washcloth (Disposable)

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TENA Classic Disposable Washcloth  (Wipes)

This washcloth is 7.9" X 12.4".  There are 48 cloths in a pack.  They are economic and very convenient to use.  The washcloth is made with Aloe and Vitamen E.  They are soft and easy to use.  They dispense one at a time.  The washcloth is unfolded.   Alcohol free.
  1. 7.9 X 12.4 inches
  2. Provided in a soft pack of 48 cloths
  3. Sized for Adults
  4. Easy closing lid
  5. Very soft fabric
  6. Dispense one at a time
  7. Dispense unfolded

                        48/ wipes in a pack /  12 packs in a case  (576 wipes)