TENA Protective Underwear Made just for MEN

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TENA Protective Underwear for MEN
TENA Protective Underwear for Men (Heavy Leakage)
  • These underwear have micro absorbent beads for state of the art protection
  • The new highly absorbent beads are designed to prevent leakage
  • This new design has a new fit and core width to move fluid away from the body
  • Fluid moves across the enhanced core faster creating greater leakage protection
  • It has a cotton soft material creating optimum comfort and is discrete
  • They protect against odors with an advanced odor fighting design for PH balance
  • The fit and feel is similar to everyday underwear
  • The fabric hugs the body keeping the underwear in place and protection enhancement
  • These underwear are made for men with heavy leakage
These pull ups are made in adult sizes for the youth who has outgrown the smaller sizes.


Medium/Large34" - 50"
16/pack or 64/case           81780
X-Large44" - 64"
14/pack or 56/case           81920

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