TENA Protective Underwear

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Extra Absorbency
Plus Absorbency
Regular Absorbency
TENA Protective Underwear
  • These protective underwear are absorbent
  • They have inner leak guards for leakage protection
  • They are pulled on and off as if they were regular underwear
  • There are gentle leg elastic casings for a snug comfortable fit
  • The materials is cloth like and very comfy
  • The sides tear away for easy removal of the pull up
  • The gathered legs are protective against leaking and add security and comfort
  • Top sheet is non woven
  • White with a cloth like backing material
  • Disposable
  • Tape included for sanitary roll up and disposal
  • Snug body fit - moves with the body
These pull ups are made in adult sizes for the youth who has outgrown the smaller sizes.

Extra Absorbency

Small25" - 35"
16/pack or 64/case                 72116
Medium34" - 44"
16/pack or 64/case                 72232
Large45" - 58"
16/pack or 64/case                 72332
X-Large55" - 66"
16/pack or 64/case                 72425

Plus Absorbency

Small/Medium34" - 44"
18/pack or 72/case                 72238
Large45" - 58"
18/pack or 72/case                 72339
55" - 66"

15/pack or 60/case                 72439

Regular Absorbency

Medium34" - 44"
16/pack or 64/case                72232
Large45" - 58"
16/pack or 64/case                72332

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