Tranquility Cleansing Wipes

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Tranquility Adult Size Cleansing Wipes / washcloths

These wipes are specifically made with a very soft material that feels like cloth.  They can be used for spot bathing or for bathing the whole body.  These wipes are pre moistened with aloe and do not have alcohol in their ingredients.  The pack is an easy open flip lid that reseals to keep the wipes moist.
  1. 9" X 13"
  2. Alcohol free
  3. Adult size
  4. 50 wipes in a pack
  5. Cloth like material
  6. Pre moistened with aloe
  7. Easy open and resealable lid
  8. Super soft and hypoallergenic 
  9. Latex free

                        50/ wipes in a pack /  12 packs in a case  (600 wipes)

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