Tranquility Slimline Disposable Youth / Teen Brief

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Tranquility Slimline Disposable Youth Brief
This is one of Tranquility's original designs. It is designed for a smaller slimmer body. The waist size is x-small yet has a high capacity of urine absorption. This brief is designed for maximum absorbency. This high capacity brief gives the person a peaceful nights sleep. It has a Peach Mat construction to provide dryer skin, controlling odors, helps neutralize the urine and helps prevent growth from bacteria. This brief opens up like a diaper with tabs that refasten and kuf-guards for containing urine and bowel. This is a top notch incontinence diaper with odor control and PH neutralization.  Cloth like backing in the Junior and X-Small sizes.
  1. 18"- 26" waist or hips for the youth or teen diaper
  2. 28- 42 lbs for the Junior size
  3. Peach Mat construction
  4. Highly absorbent
  5. High capacity for holding urine
  6. Odor control
  7. Guarantees skin dryness
  8. Neutralizes urine
  9. Inhibits bacterial growth
  10. Capacity of 10.2 oz of urine for Junior
  11. Capacity of 10.9 oz of urine for Youth
  12. Latex Free

Adult sizes added for the teen or youth that has outgrown the smaller sizes.  Adult sizes have a longer rise from front to back.






Junior*28 to 42 lb10.2 fluid oz.

12/pack or 120/case   


Youth18" - 26"10.9 fluid oz.

10/pack or 100/case    


Adult Small*

24" - 32"

12.7 fluid oz

10/pack or 100/case    


Adult Medium

32" - 44"

20.4 fluid oz

12/pack or 96/case      


Adult Large

45" - 58"

21.4 fluid oz

12/pack or 96/case


Adult X-Large

56" - 64"

23.7 fluid oz

12/pack or 72/case


Plastic backing in the Adult sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large

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