Wear Ever Women's Lace Trim & Cotton Incontinece Panties - Light Incontinence

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Wearever Women's Lace Trimmed Cotton Incontinence Panties

These panties are fashionable with comfort and protection.   They come in three colors - black, ivory, or white.  They have a lovely looking lace trim around the top with a comfortable silky panty.  They give a feeling of style with confidence.  They will protect you throughout your day from light incontinence due to coughing and sneezing or light dribbling.  They are washable over 200 times which makes them quite economical over disposable pads.  They are made out of a silky cotton/lycra jersey material with a waterproof outer crotch and built in super absorbent pad for absorbing the liquid and trapping it all day long.
  1. Silky cotton/lycra jersey material
  2. Light incontinence
  3.  No inserts or disposable padding
  4. Economic - washable over 250 times
  5. Colors are white, ivory, or black

These are special order products and are not returnable. 

         3 panties / pack     or      6 panties/ pack

Small          Size   6            Hips  35 - 37"

Medium      Size  7             Hips  38-40"

Large          Size 8              Hips  41-42"

XLarge       Size 9              Hips  43-44"

2XLarge     Size 10            Hips 45-48"

3XLarge     Size 11            Hips 49-51"  


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