Wet Call Alarm and Pad by Alimed

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Bed Wetting Alarm by Alimed

Wet Call Alarms and Pad

This alarm works as the person wets the bed.  As soon as the pad detects urine it sets off an alert.  The alarm is small with an audible alert.  This pad can be used for children or adults.  It helps to keep a person dry thus protecting them from lying in urine soaked underwear or pull ups.  This bedwetting alarm is portable and uses a 9V battery.  The alarm system is simple - place the 18-1/2" X 24-1/2" pad underneath the bed sheeting and then plug in the alarm. 
  1. Alarm activates when sensors detect moisture
  2. Pad put underneath the bottom sheet
  3. Alarm is portable
  4. Pad is 18-1/2" by 24-1/2"
  5. The Wet Call has a petite miniature electronic box witha 9v battery
  6. Great Sensing capabilities for moisture
  7. The conduction cord is 66" long and connects to the pad
  8. Simple and very easy to assemble and use

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