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Sizing, Do You Have a Good Fit?

Whether it be in adult sizes or youth sizes, in order for any product to do what it is manufactured to do it must be the correct size. The youth sizes are made to be a little shorter in the rise area to accommodate the smaller body size. The rise begins about 1 inch below the belly button, continues down through the legs and up to the position on the back that matches the starting position in the... READ MORE

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Nurses Guide For Dealing with Child, Youth, or Teen Incontinence

Our children grow out of the toddler years and into the school age finding they still having urinary accidents. Mostly these accidents happen at night, but never the less, it is very embarrassing and can cause social issues. Many parents have the tendency to take this issue lightly stating they will outgrow the problem. And yes, most of the children will outgrow the issue as their bladder... READ MORE