Seni Shaped Night Pads - Heavy Absorbency

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Seni Shaped Night Pads - Heavy Absorbency

Seni Shaped Night Pads are for those who need heavy absorbency or overnight protection.  They are perfect for both active and immobile people.  They promote skin beathability and are discreet while easy to change.  They are designed without side wings clinging to the hips giving you freedom of movement and increased discretion.  They have a barrier liner so they can be worn with normal underwear to ensure a perfect fit.  The fully breathable outer layer allows humidity to evaporate to promote a skin-friendly climate and side gathers for better protection.  They have a double absorbent core and a non=woven layer for quick and effective absorption thus giving you a feeling of dryness.  It also contains the odor.  A double wetness indicator helps the caregive or person know when changing is necessary.  They are 27 inches in length.  They are available in pack of 30 or a case of 90.