Sizing, Do You Have a Good Fit?

Whether it is in adult sizes or youth sizes, in order for any product to do what it is manufactured to do it must be the correct size. The youth sizes are made to be a little shorter in the rise area to accommodate the smaller body size. The rise begins about 1 inch below the belly button, continues down through the legs and up to the position on the back that matches the starting position in the front. If you were to use an adult-sized product on a youth size body you may end up with the waistband up on the rib cage area. This is not a very comfortable fit and it can be embarrassing.

It is the same with the leg openings. Youth tend to have smaller thighs. They need a product that can give them a snug fit in order to prevent leakage. If there is a gap between the diaper and the body, you will experience leakage. The product needs to fit next to the skin, snug but not too tight. If you need to fit someone with smaller thighs, you may want to look at the briefs with tabs. They give you the ability to adjust the leg openings down for a snug fit.

Before ordering the product, take the needed measurements carefully. You will need the waist measurement at the belly button and the hips at the widest point. If you can measure the thigh, it would be a helpful measurement to have. If you do not have a cloth tape measure, use a piece of string or ribbon (use something that will mold to your body). Mark the measurement and then use a regular metal tape measure to get the measurement. image to compare <a href=Do not assume that because you wear a size medium, in your current product, you would wear the same size in a different product. Each brand has its own set of sizing standards they use to hit the area they are targeting. So with the measurements you took, look at the sizing chart for the product you are interested in, and see what size you would need.

What about pull-ups versus briefs with tabs? Most people enjoy the pull-up style product. They are an easy transition into incontinence products because they are most like normal underwear. If the pull-ups give you the correct fit with no leakage, stay with them. However, if they do not fit correctly, try the briefs with tabs. The briefs with tabs will give you more adjustments at the leg and waist openings. Most of the products have the ability to refasten the tabs so you do not ruin a product that is unused.

If you are experiencing leakage, see if you can figure out where the leakage is happening. If it is through the leg openings, check to see if you are getting a snug fit. If you have a good fit, you may be using a product that is not designed for the capacity you require. It may be time to graduate to a higher capacity product or change more often.

If you have any questions on any of the products or fitting the products to your specific needs, contact us and let us help.

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